Hi, I’m Cat! I am utterly addicted to flowers and making people smile! Sunflowers are my absolute favourite but anything with berries, branches or a good fragrance makes my day! I first started The Willow Branch after finishing my apprenticeship in 2012. Originally the idea began as a blog for art, floristry and life but eventuated into so much more. Building our family around local talents and what our community has to offer has extended into the dynamic team we have today. I am so grateful for the family we have grown and the opportunities our town has presented us.

In my spare time you can find me patting dogs, roasting vegetables, reading books on flower farming or having a bath with a cup of tea.

My fiancé Brad and I travel down to Epping three days a week to bring you the freshest and most diverse produce available, and we have been able to meet so many amazing local and knowledgeable growers along the way that we can now call friends.

We hope that in the future our team can continue to celebrate the best of our community and bring joy through flowers, plants and artisan crafts to all of our loved ones.


Hey, I’m Alyce! I love all things quirky and colourful. When I’m not working with beautiful blooms at The Willow Branch I spend my days out hunting for hidden gems at vintage stores and op shops, watching trashy reality tv or lounging around at home with my husband Cody, our three cats Pumpkin Posy and Boss and our three legged dog Ralph.

I am a lifetime flower lover and enjoy foraging for blooms and foliage whenever I can. Ask any of the girls at the store and I am sure they will tell you I am obsessed with all things native. I love the wild look with lots of texture and fun colour combinations.

After relocating back to Gippsland due to covid I have adjusted to the quiet country life better than I thought and am loving the peaceful lifestyle out on the farm. My long term goals include owning a goat, learning how to drive manual and opening a wedding venue in the old barn on the family property.


Hey, I’m Amy! My love of flowers started when I was a little girl. Both of my grandmothers had gorgeous gardens filled with the delectable scents, colours and textures I adore so much today.

I can still picture the rows of Delphinium, Sweet Pea, Hollyhock and Forget Me Not. Just to name a few. There was always something new and pretty to admire.

The old fashioned cottage style is still my favourite!

Floristry is just one of my greatest loves. I’m lucky to have a beautiful family who I cherish. I love to cook, cold winter days, anything chocolate and Asian food is my absolute favourite.

I look forward to continuing my Floristry journey at The Willow Branch and creating beautiful arrangements to be loved and admired.

Lil’ AMY (aka Bruce!)

Hi I’m Amy but the girls at work call me Lil Amy and so can you. I’m an apprentice at The Willow Branch since November 2021 and I am loving it!

I consider myself a pretty busy young lady with splitting my time between completing year 12, doing my floristry course while also doing my apprenticeship. Once school ends I will be going full time.

My main goal when I come to work is to be as creative as possible and make sure whoever I help walks out with a smile.

You will also catch me at work doing one of two things, if not both. I will always be buying a new plant or pot to add to my never ending collection or wearing some super cute flower print clothing or accessory, I can’t help myself!


Hi, I’m Mim! I have been obsessed with The Willow Branch for years now and have always wanted to be a part of the team.

I started my Apprenticeship in May 2020 and I love it more and more each day. I’ve always loved flowers and plants as my mum always has them around in the house.

My goal in life is to make everyone around me happy and being a part of The Willow Branch team lets me do so everyday.

You’ll always catch me online shopping or doing unnecessary Kmart trips.

I love all animals and would even love to have my own little farm one day.

I’m only young but I am determined to make the world a better place somehow :)


Hi, I’m Emma! Growing up I always loved to be in the garden with my Nan surrounded by flowers and helping out where I could. That’s where my love for floristry and flowers began.

I’m naturally drawn to all things creative and this is just one of them, there are endless possibilities when it come to flowers and I love the freedom of being able to make something different each day, bringing smiles to people faces, it’s something I could never get tired of.

When I’m not working at The Willow Branch you can probably find me shopping, hanging out with friends or family and of course taking care of all my indoor plants.


Hey! I’m Jacinta. I’ve just started my floristry apprenticeship here at The Willow Branch. When I’m not working my life mostly revolves around video games, TV and movies, music, and obviously my dog.

Every day I’ve spent at The Willow Branch has been filled with fun and new experiences and I’ve been lucky enough to gain some new friends!

I’m super excited to keep learning and trying new things and I can’t wait to see where this road takes me. Hope to see you soon!


Hi I’m Louise, my childhood was filled with nature loving days of flowers, dirt, tree climbing and of course animals. I got the opportunity to do a floristry apprenticeship in my early 20’s and never looked back aside from taking a break to enjoy being a mother to my two gorgeous children. I am so blessed to be a part of The Willow Branch team. I get to create using amazing blooms and work with really lovely and inspiring people.

My spare time is usually spent with my family and dogs, gardening, bushwalking, going for drives and visiting parks. I also love taking photos, a snap shot in time of memories in the making to look back on.


Hey I’m Zoe, I start my apprenticeship next year and you will find me at The Willow Branch on Sunday’s taking care of all the plants! I grow my own native plants and flowers, and have my own small business making earrings called Zoi Earrings.

I love making fresh bouquets in lots of colours and in my spare time you will find me in my garden!

I play netball and love riding my motorbike and horses in my spare time and I especially love going on holidays with my family.

MUM (Lindy)

Hi, Lindy here. But you can call me Mum! I work behind the scenes managing the website and doing odd admin jobs. I am not a qualified florist, however, I am pro at de-thorning roses, wiring leaves and flowers, twining bouquets, unpacking giftware, filing, gift wrapping, internet and telephone orders, and all those other little jobs that free up the team’s time to do what they do best, create your beautiful blooms!

I have loved watching Catherine’s little dream grow from the first wedding created on our kitchen table to the beautiful shop you see today. And the amazing team at The Willow Branch have become an extended part of our family.

You may have also met Scott (Cat’s dad) and Ella (Cat’s sister) who also help on special days delivering flowers and doing odd jobs around the shop.

When I am not working I love to needle felt! I make the Waldorf Fairies you see in store. I look forward to meeting you all in store :)


A big shout out to the Willow Branch! They’re always so very welcoming and friendly! They’ve quickly become one of my most favourite little shops!

Today when I went in there, they were busy (as usual), I purchased what I wanted and also had questions about my orchid that I’d taken in for them to help me with. They were very knowledgeable and gave me the upmost best customer service and advice. Here’s to, hopefully, many more years of my orchid flourishing! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


I went into The Willow Branch today to buy some flowers for a friend. Everyone there was lovely and helpful, excellent service provided, a lot of love and care put into the arrangement and the quality of the flowers is incredible.

They also have a great variety of pots and other items, including beautiful candles etc available. I will definitely be coming back and would recommend to anyone looking for a good florist!


I have purchased several dried flower arrangements and they are stunning, they are happy to custom make whatever you are after. The girls are extremely friendly and always happy to help. Quick turn around, big thumbs up to Cat for all her help with my last dried arrangement.