Mitch + Corinne exchanged vows in the dreamiest of interiors — a quaint chapel overlooking Western Port Bay. Needless to say, the views were incredible. Fresh with tasteful decor, minimal styling and a gorgeous Georgia Young Couture gown — this one is sure to inspire the modern bride. Prepare to be inspired by this fun-filled celebration!

Tell us about your proposal. The proposal was so funny, only because Mitch had decided to propose on a holiday at Byron Bay over the Christmas break and found it quite difficult to find the perfect moment. These not so perfect moments included a quiet swim hole that was not so quiet, a waterfall that had no water and tainted champagne on New Year’s Eve. Finally, a long romantic and very remote beach walk, Mitch found the perfect time to get down on one knee and propose.

How did you know your partner was the one? I ride horses and it is a HUGE commitment and very time consuming (and money consuming!!!). It is a large part of my life and means a lot to me. Mitch immediately accepted this knowing how much it meant to me and from that moment I knew he was the one. It works great in our life together – I ride horses while Mitch surfs. We both are accepting of each other’s commitments and support each other no matter what.

What do you love most about your partner? My vows sum this up pretty well: ”Mitch, I love your matchy match obsessions, I love how you run around the house trying to give me hugs while I insist I’m too busy with too much cleaning. I love how I always know I can turn to, talk to you, even if it is to tell you I’ve bought another horse. I love that you’re strong and honourable, yet warm and compassionate, loving and accepting of all people.”

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? Our first dance – Mitch and I practiced for three months straight, both having two left feet, we were determined to enter our marriage without falling on our faces. Our dance instructor was fantastic but certainly had hesitations about our ability. When we were cutting the cake, we knew what was next and quickly had a glass of champagne to hide the nerves. The music started and we were soon into the first move and absolutely nailed it. We had the best time. All our friends (who knew our dancing ability) could not believe what we had achieved. The best man was left speechless.

Describe your wedding theme/style. It was pretty simple; the scenery was second to none, so we wanted to embrace this and use complimenting colours. The ash blue of the bridesmaid’s skirts complemented the colour of the ocean and the groomsman’s beige jackets resembled the sand. We have this running joke that our house is considered “modern Australian” so we thought we’d bring this theme into our wedding. This was seen through the contemporary sleek features such as clean simple signs with details such as copper piping and leather fastenings all the way to my dress which was very modern and sleek. Being a beach wedding, most people tend to go for a more casual look; however we both struggled with this idea still wanting the “real wedding” feeling. So we integrated both looks, Mitch wearing a tuxedo at the ceremony at Trenavin Chapel which had quite a sophisticated feeling and then getting changed into more relaxed white jacket/blue chinos combo for the reception. We also added many personal touches such as serving our favourite Nutella doughnuts instead of wedding cake for desert and having a selection of our favourite cheeses and cured meats for starters after the ceremony. We are both extreme lovers of good wine and had a large selection available providing a bus to and from accommodation to allow the celebrations to roll on late into the night – and they sure did!

What is marriage to you? As Mitch wrote in his vows “it’s a promise to try and keep the kitchen as tidy as possible, not to let the washing get out of control or fall asleep on you mid conversation.” Of course, he was only joking. Marriage to us is living life to its fullest with each other by our side. Not to get too caught up on the little things and to enjoy each other’s company. Even if it is doing the gardening or painting the house, to enjoy these times together and embrace everything that gets thrown our way. Life is complicated and there is always a bill to pay or a problem to solve but tackling these obstacles together and enjoying life to its fullest is most important and the marriage certificate shows we are both committed to this.